White Paper: 10 Key Areas to Consider When Evaluating Suppliers

Project Management Case Study

The funds have been approved. Key people have signed off on a new project and you have been given the green light to go ahead. Being part of a medical device commercialization team can be exhilarating but without the right planning, opportunity can quickly turn into disaster.

The clock is ticking. So how do you avoid those bumps in the road and keep your project running smoothly? A key part is doing your homework so that the suppliers you select to be part of your journey can help you race to the finish line instead of creating problems and obstacles along the way.

Using a reputable supplier whose core competencies match your requirements is critical to finding the right partner. Before you begin the vendor evaluation process, be prepared to consider several key areas including project management experience, processing capability, geographic location and workforce skillset. Reducing the number of suppliers needed to develop your medical device can have a major impact on cost savings and speed-to-market.

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