Compression, Extension, Torsion and Special Designs

Precision engineered springs harness stored energy that ensures critical performance requirements

A demanding application requires a custom spring solution engineered for consistent performance. From critical medical instruments, pharmaceutical delivery systems, robotic platforms, orthopedic implants or other system designs, reliability is the only option. Economy Spring has five decades of experience delivering precision high quality compression, extension, torsion and specialty spring components for a wide variety of applications.

Equally as important to what we do is how we do it. We stay current with advanced technology that results in developing new manufacturing processes that meet ISO quality standards. Also, because highly engineered, micro-sized spring components make smaller devices possible, we continually invest in our advanced manufacturing technology and people.

We treat every spring design request as the unique challenge it presents. We work closely with you to understand what the device performance characteristics are and the results you are trying to achieve, so that we know how to deliver the best reliability in the product. Our extensive engineering team can recommend alternative materials, design considerations that eliminate tangling, packaging solutions, etc. to achieve the required performance attributes of the device or the production line, while ensuring your budget parameters are met.

In short, we become your trusted, quality driven partner in every sense of the word, from engineering design to project management and manufacturing expertise.

Technical Advantages

  • CNC coiling wire diameters from 0.0015 to 0.162 inches
  • Micro-forming expertise for fine springs, catheters and implants
  • A variety of looping capabilities for custom end configurations on extension springs
  • Single and dual point coiling processes to create tight index springs down to 1.5 ratio
  • Advanced coiling equipment with integrated sensing devices enable self-adjustment capabilities and condition monitoring that is autonomous
  • Capabilities include creation of round or shaped (square, rectangular) springs to generate more force in constrained spaces
  • Data collection in real time results in the highest quality output; while product metrics are always met
  • Materials types include stainless steel, beryllium copper, nickel-based alloys, titanium, Elgiloy, Inconel, carbon steel and specialized alloys
  • NPI team approach is utilized to launch a new product introduction that ensures all aspects of the part/product, tooling and processes are established
  • Mid- to high-volume spring production processes designed to support quantities ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of parts
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