Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery Systems

Making precision metal components for intelligent drug delivery systems and respiratory devices

Self-administered drug delivery is one of the fastest growing medical/pharmaceutical segments on a global scale. Increasingly, patient care incorporates pen-like devices to safely inject medicines at home without worry of improper dose administration.

Connected devices using smart applications to monitor use and collect data is key to successful drug delivery platforms and effective patient care. Economy Spring & Stamping’s years of product development support, while optimizing the integration of precision metal components in your device, make us the ideal partner for your project.

Examples include: micro-sized springs in wearable delivery systems, power springs in a pen device that deliver the drug or needle retraction springs for patient comfort. Stampings / wire forms that help optimize circuit and battery connectivity, custom-tipped sharps or needles, RNS removal components and anti-fire hardware that prevents accidental triggering of the device. These components help control the safety and delivery timing for auto-injectors or respiratory inhalers that disperse drugs. Reliability is a not an option when it comes to delivering the precise dose every time.

Economy Spring & Stamping is the partner you can rely on to assist with development of the spring or component design. We support the commercialization process so that the device administers the exact dose when triggered throughout the life of the program.

Although self-administered drug therapies are expanding rapidly in the global market, many of today’s drug delivery systems are monitored by a medical professional via wireless communication. From the springs, wire forms, stampings, bellows, battery and timing contacts that ensure critical network communication circuits perform reliably, Economy Spring & Stamping doesn’t just make drug delivery safer, we also help make it smarter!

Ideal Applications

  • Retractable needles for pen-like delivery devices
  • Springs for nebulizers and inhalers for precise dosage controls
  • Battery and timing contacts for IoMT connected devices

Technical Advantages

  • Wireforming, tube cutting and grinding of micro-sized metal parts to precise tolerances
  • Custom-tipped sharps with complex geometries
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