Economy Spring & Stamping can satisfy requirements across a broad range of industrial applications

The industrial market has some of the broadest applications for precision metal components. Whether you require springs for shaft assemblies, intricate parts for watches or precision contacts for electronics, Economy Spring & Stamping has an equally broad range of resources to produce the part you need.

Our ISO 9001 facility includes a large CNC coiling department to handle various wire diameters including small diameter wires from 0.0001 to 0.001 inches and two-point coiling systems for low-index springs. We also boast an extensive portfolio of conventional presses for solid die, and adjustable fourslide machines for stamping the tiniest components from tempered materials. And our metallurgical expertise extends beyond the materials typically used in the industrial market to transform any metal or alloy into the exact part your project requires.

Because machine uptime, and ultimately productivity, is on the line, your precision metal parts have to be just as reliable as those in any other application. That’s why we perform laser inspections on your precision parts and use electronic inner diameter gauges to test the forces of your spring. Our project engineers can also help solve difficult design or manufacturing challenges, such as optimizing your components for high-volume, automated assembly. No matter the industrial application, Economy Spring has a wealth of resources and expertise to create the ideal precision metal component for your equipment.

Ideal Applications

  • Components for circuit breakers
  • Contacts for switches
  • Industrial springs for clutch assemblies
  • Probes for electronic test equipment
  • Watch parts
  • Clock parts

Technical Advantages

  • A large roster of CNC coiling systems, including conventional presses for solid die and adjustable fourslide machines for small components
  • Wide range of metals and alloys — from low carbon steel to pre-tempered alloys
  • Micro-size, complex components in flat thicknesses from 0.001 to 0.312 inches  and wire diameters from 0.0001 to 0.001 inches
  • Design and engineering support for metal forming and shaping — from the proposal to the finished product
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