Mission-critical quality when conventional metal manufacturing won’t do

Precision metal components for military and aerospace environments have to function in harsh environments and satisfy rigorous performance criteria. To meet these demands, metal springs and stamped components for these environments typically have stringent design specifications, and they often require higher-performing materials than conventional metal components.

That’s why some of the most well-respected Tier 1 and Tier 2 military suppliers choose Economy Spring & Stamping for high-reliability applications. They trust our extensive capabilities and many years of experience working with specialty metals to create complex components. That includes metal springs and stamped components made from stable metals, high-heat alloys, nickel and copper based alloys for electronics, and titanium-based alloys where high strength and light weight are essential. Economy Spring & Stamping-made parts perform mechanical functions in weapons systems, steering systems, military jets, helicopters, commercial airlines and many more high-reliability applications.

Because parts used in military and aerospace projects often require quick turnaround, Economy Spring & Stamping has everything suppliers need for product development and manufacture all in one place. You’ll reduce the amount of vendors necessary for the project and deliver it on schedule.

Ideal Applications

  • Electronic components: circuit breakers, switches and heating mechanisms for weapons systems, landing gear and aviation seating
  • Commercial aircraft components
  • Night vision goggles
  • Springs and trigger mechanisms for detonation of payloads
  • Hardware for doors
  • Springs for exoskeletons

Technical Advantages

  • Defense and aerospace certifications include FAA, DoD and NAS
  • Metallurgical expertise to work with specialty alloys
  • DFARS materials experience
  • High-reliability, hard-to-manufacture parts
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