Multi-Functional Engineering Support to Cover All Aspects of the Project

When you come to Economy Spring & Stamping with a product idea, you know it will be in good hands. All the expertise and resources that can transform your idea into a finished product are under one roof, so we’re the perfect partner to manage your project every step of the way. From planning and design to tooling and manufacturing commercialization, our engineers have a deep understanding of multiple manufacturing disciplines and process design capabilities to support any project. That means one Economy Spring engineer can support and manage the entire supply chain process so you can significantly reduce the suppliers involved in the project and simplify validation requirements—even for the most complex products.

Not only will you realize improved quality, you’ll also streamline communication, eliminate redundant efforts and establish transparent accountability. Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers can leverage Economy Spring’s FDA registration to support device submission that will lead to the FDA device listing process. All of these benefits are available under one roof so you’ll get your product to market faster with greater cost efficiency.

Competitive Advantages

  • Multi-discipline engineering expertise to support every aspect of product development, validation and commercialization.
  • Dramatic speed-to-market savings.
  • Customers can consolidate the suppliers and number of locations to validate.
  • Streamlined communications, effort and accountability.
  • Easier regulatory reporting: assemblies leave Economy Spring & Stamping complete and ready-to-use. The device listings can be reported as needed directly to the FDA to support submission
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