Give your part a quality finish to bolster reliability and performance in the field

In certain environments, preventing contamination and corrosion cannot be overstated. Whether your precision metal components will be used in medical applications where patient safety is critical, in aerospace and related environments that require heat treatment for strength, or if they simply demand a smooth surface finish, your component’s reliability in the field can depend on the quality of its finish.

Economy Spring & Stamping offers a complete range of passivation services to make sure critical components remain clean and corrosion-resistant. These include aqueous, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning processes. Because even stainless steel can gather impurities during machining, we use ASTM A967-compliant automated passivation processes to remove impurities and protect against corrosion, including Nitric 3 treatment which is particularly effective for hard-to-clean round and tubular medical components.

Micro-size components also cannot have excess surface material around their complex geometries. Economy Spring & Stamping uses advanced electropolishing techniques to remove unwanted metal to tolerances of 20 to 40 microns to provide a uniform surface finish for the entire part.

And because precision metal components may need added strength or hardening for use in high-reliability applications, Economy Spring & Stamping offers top-quality heat treatment services. This comprehensive range of in-house secondary operations makes Economy Spring & Stamping a one-stop resource for your entire precision parts production.

Cleaning & Electropolishing - Economy Spring & Stamping

Competitive Advantages

  • Aqueous, ultrasonic, vapor cleaning processes
  • Reducing surface roughness, by removing 20 to 40 microns of excess material
  • Heat treatment to improve hardness or machinability
  • ASTM A967 certification for Nitric 2 & Nitric 3
  • Stainless steel parts cleaning
  • One-stop process
In-House Passivation Capabilities - Economy Spring & Stamping
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