Precision Stamping: Tackling the challenge of creating miniature, complex parts

Technological advances are driving the demand for miniature, complex parts created from difficult-to-form materials. Medical devices and aerospace environments often call for more than just precise forming and metal stampings. Economy Spring & Stamping understands the challenges of manufacturing a precision finished product for demanding industries. Our precision stamping and metal forming can produce small parts having complex geometries, in low to high volumes.

Everything you need to transform your challenging concept into a finished product is in one place. That includes power presses ranging from conventional to one of the industry’s largest rosters of fourslide presses, allowing part fabrication from both annealed and tempered materials. Your workpiece will be shaped and formed to the optimal geometry — even down to thicknesses to one thousandth of an inch — with precision tolerances.

We have extensive in-house metal stampings capabilities, including the design and manufacture of progressive dies and fourslide tools as well as precision machining. We can perform all required secondary manufacturing processes like deburring and tapping as well. These resources are matched with deep metallurgical understanding  and exceptional customer support for every metal stamping and forming product. With this level of service, you can be sure Economy Spring & Stamping will transform your idea from design to reality.

Capability Details

  • In-house tooling and design using Class A tool sets
  • Full-service metal forming and shaping assistance from proposal to finished product
  • A wide range of metals and alloys from low carbon steel to pre-tempered alloys in thicknesses from 0.001 to 0.312 inches
  • Precision stamping and micro-size components with complex geometries
  • Low-volume and short-run jobs get the attention and quality customers expect


  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • ISO 8, Class 100,000 Clean Room
  • FDA Registered
  • ITAR Certified
  • NESMA (New England Scientific Manufacturers Association)
  • SMI (Spring Manufacturers Institute)


  • Standard power presses for solid die sets
  • A collection of 50 fourslide presses to fabricate the tiniest components with maximum adjustability
  • Servo feeding system and integrated press automation controller
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