Components for Diagnostic Equipment & Monitoring Devices

Precision metal manufacturing for the world’s most advanced robotic testing equipment

Pharmaceutical diagnostic devices, such as automated testing equipment, glucose monitoring and blood monitoring, represent some of the most important life-science advances. The increased global focus on creating new pharmaceutical products to improve therapies and collection of daily patient care data, has led to faster drug development cycles. That means the metal parts in these robotic systems require the same quality and precision as other high-reliability medical equipment.

Our ingenuity in developing and manufacturing precision metal components for many high-reliability industries has also led to technical creativity in advanced diagnostic equipment and devices. From tension springs for automated cartridge/test tube arrays, precision contacts for electronics or any other specialty metal component, Economy Spring & Stamping has a broad range of resources to produce the reliable parts diagnostic equipment and pharmaceutical devices demand. When companies need precision metal components for sophisticated devices, they turn to Economy Spring & Stamping.

Ideal Applications

  • Retention springs for automated cartridge/test tube arrays

Technical Advantages

  • CNC coiling and CNC wireforming: wire diameters from 0.0015 to 0.162 inches
  • Micro-forming expertise for springs, stampings, implants and needles
  • Stamping and fourslide: flat material thicknesses from 0.001 to 0.312 inches
  • Laser CNC Swiss technology for machining, welding and ablation
  • Project management capabilities lead to consolidation of excess project suppliers and reduce number of locations to validate
  • ISO 8, Class 100,000 clean room
  • Easier regulatory reporting: assemblies leave Economy Spring & Stamping complete and ready-to-use. The device listings can be reported as needed directly to the FDA to support submission
  • In-process inspections, “dock to stock” shipments with advanced metrology reporting to support commercialization efforts
  • Exceptional quality system management and support
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